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Strategy and Management Systems

Identify, anticipate and understand key issues, and support the development of strategies, systems, cultures and roadmaps towards sustainable management.

Projects for Sustainable Development 

Design, implement and evaluate projects for sustainable development.

Capacity Building 

Design workshops, events and trainings tailored to each client's situation and focused on leading international sustainability standards.


Create sustainability communication strategies within and amongst organizations and society and support sustainability reporting processes. 

Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Analyze supply chains and advance sustainable management.

Stakeholder Engagement

Design stakeholder engagement plans, catalyze engagement and provide insights and analysis for roadmaps and alliances.


Provide stakeholder-based assurance services based on the Accountability´ principles of inclusivity, materiality and responsiveness.

Climate change & Environmental Services 

Support our clients improve environmental performance and innovation for climate change.


Positive Potential™ is a strategy to balance packaging waste generation with measurable positive sustainability initiatives. It uses readily available data to set and track sustainability targets, enabling businesses to establish quantifiable short and long term goals for waste reduction as well as sustainability hurdle rates for packaging. The Positive Potential™ strategy purposefully is kept very simple to make it accessible to anyone, even without scientific background. This paper compares initiatives promoted by Positive Potential™ with conclusions drawn from Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

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